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النقل و التوصيل داخل السعودية

National and International Full Load Transport

Need a reliable partner to take care of your transport needs throughout KSA & Gulf Area?

As a Saudi leader in the sector specializing in cross-channel flows, Platinum is the solution to all your transport problems – whatever your requirements, flows and volumes. Our trained and responsible drivers can meet all your transport needs, with a state-of-the-art vehicle fleet that complies with the latest standards and based on their commitment to ensuring that your customers are as satisfied as possible.

Our expertise in full load transport 

  • Experience in all sectors and product types: automobile, metallurgy, high-tech, agri-foods, paper, cardboard, Furniture, etc.
  • A range of services that combines our strong domestic networks with a strategic Saudi network:
  • Intra-community: regular flows between KSA, UAE, Kuwait, Lebanon,      Jordan, Egypt, Qatar and Bahrain Between Central Saudi Arabia and throughout Gulf Area: frequent and secure transport to the most of Middle East countries (Turkey, Iraq, Syria, and Iran)Domestic transport in all countries: national coverage, country by country
  • Real expertise with bulky products (large floor sizes or useful heights > 3 meters or low weight/volume ratios)
  • ADR network and drivers specially trained (Specialization A) to handle your dangerous packed and bulk goods.

Our performance factors

  • Reactivity, reliability and rapid response: orders ready for next day collection, optimized delivery times and compliance with deadlines, reliable collection and delivery.
  • Consistent quality of service guaranteed by one of Saudi’s transport leaders, guaranteed respect for your brand image in the eyes of your customers
  • The assurance that you have chosen a responsible partner who is committed to protecting the environment and safety of property and people, by providing you with trained and responsible drivers.
  • The promise that your solution or transport options can be adjusted to your needs.
خدمات النقل و التوصيل بالسيارات

4PL – Transport organisation

4PL – Transport Organisation

Would you like to entrust all your transport needs to a partner who can ensure optimum reliability and performance?

Platinum Shipping transport experts make use of all their experience as Saudi Arabia transport leaders in order to provide you with first-rate services. Your dedicated Platinum Shipping team can fully overhaul your transport plan and offer you some of the most competitive deals available on the market, all of which are backed by the outstanding quality and security of Saudi’s No.1 vehicle fleet.

Our Transport Expertise

  • Our transport experts analyses your goods flows, based on recognized Platinum Shipping expertise and a wide range of references
    • We propose transport organization master plans, which cover all possible transport methods, including rail, road, river, sea, etc.
  • Definition of key performance indicators for transport:
    • Solutions put into practice by dedicated Platinum teams
    • Transport operations conducted with pre-defined resources
    • Commitment to achieving results
    • Solutions managed and monitored through real-time information systems and regular meetings

Our performance factors

  • Optimize your transport organization – balancing utilization, cost, and service
    • Keep your customers satisfied by providing them with a guaranteed level of service
    • Access to the best offers available on the market
    • You have full control and can track your budget in real time
    • Benefit from a service that adapts to any business decisions that you may need to make
توزيع البضائع على طبالي خشبية

Pallet distribution

Pallet distribution

Looking for an integrated express delivery network, which combines quality of service with the efficiency of an expert?

Every day, Platinum Shipping teams work hard to ensure that your pallets are delivered at the right time, and to the right place – which may be close to home or on the other side of the Gulf. Our experts take full responsibility for your deadlines, budgets and brand image. This enables you to work more closely with your customers. Our integrated Arabian express delivery networks allow you to manage your shipments – up to and including proof of delivery.

Our transport expertise: Express pallet delivery

  • The quality and density of a Saudi leader’s domestic networks
  • The experience of an Arabian transport leader, whatever your business sector:
– Health/pharmaceuticals, Specialist distribution networks, Automotive
– Chemicals/paints, Plastics/cardboard and Publishing
  • Continuous optimization of collections and delivery flows , keeping within budget
  • Commitment to delivery deadlines – Just-in-time deliveries – Deliveries according to your customer commitments
  • The excellent standards maintained by our trained and responsible Platinum shipping drivers
  • Platinum shipping quality commitment, which is made possible by cutting-edge equipment, up-to-date and clean vehicles and our excellent responsible drivers, who are trained in road safety

Our performance factors

  • How we manage your budget
  • Enhancing your products and improving the quality of service you provide for your customers
  • Information access and management: EDI, real time
    information compatible with your operating system
  • Definition and monitoring of your quality objectives, with personalized key performance indicators (KPI) and a contractual level of performance
شركة توزيع و تسليم البضاعة في السعودية



Need greater flexibility while managing costs?

You want to refocus on your core business by using qualified specialists for your transport needs. Employer of drivers, Platinum devotes all its skilled employees to meeting your needs. Based on their expertise, our teams provide you with tailor-made solutions and can even display your corporate colors.

Our performance factors

  • Optimization of your flows
  • Flexing resources to seasonal variations in your business
  • Management of your budget
  • Change management plan and long-term monitoring: specialist management team, monthly reporting (productivity, level of service, KPI, etc.)
  • Upgradeable and adaptable service depending on your needs
  • Guaranteed 24/7/365 service for your customers thanks to the continuous availability of our people and equipment
  • Drivers that are ambassadors for your brand, who respect and communicate your values to your customers

Our expertise in distribution

  • Accredited drivers, who are aware of the requirements of your business sector and trained in road safety and responsible driving
  • Fully flexible cutting-edge equipment:
  • From semi-trailers to rigid, all our vehicles are recent (maximum 4 years old) and meet the current standards
  • Vehicles adapted to your needs: tankers (for hydrocarbons, hazardous substances, bulk powders, etc.), refrigerated trucks, camions
    , truck cranes (civil engineering), and flatbeds
  • Ability to design tailor-made vehicles
  • Option to having your livery displayed on trucks
شاحنة نقل و شحن البضاعة

Bulk Transport

Bulk transport

Do you require flawless standards in terms of quality, safety and respect for the environment?

As a manufacturer in the chemical/petrochemical, mineral or agri-foods sectors, you need your transport partner to handle your products in compliance with your quality, safety, hygiene and environmental requirements.
Having developed expertise in the field of bulk transport (powders and liquids), Platinum Shipping strives for operational excellence and is considered a Saudi leader in the sector.
In order to anticipate your needs, our trained and responsible teams of drivers, operators, instructors and washers are committed to an improvement process

Our expertise in Bulk transport


  • A fleet of bulk powder tankers
  • Traceability of transport


  • Specific equipment for the transport of mineral products (bulk powder)
  • Drivers trained in safety (ADR) and product loading and unloading requirements


  • A fleet of bulk powder tankers
  • A fleet of liquid chemical tankers
  • Compliance with national / Saudi regulations concerning products and how they are transported
  • Drivers trained in safety (ADR) and the specific product requirements
  • A fleet of tankers specially adapted for the transport of hydrocarbons
  • Compliance with national / Saudi regulations concerning products and how they are transported
  • Drivers trained in safety requirements (ADR), the transport of hydrocarbons, loading and deliveries to service stations and catering

Our performance factors

  • An expert solution, whatever your sector:
– Solid and liquid chemicals
– Intermediate plastics (PE, PP, PS, PVC)
– Hydrocarbons (fuels, domestic heating oil)
– Mineral and bulk products (cements, lime, alumina)
– Foods (sugar, flour, starch)
  • Compliance with your safety and security requirements
  • Protection of your brand image
    • High technical standards for handling during loading/unloading (dangerous substances)
  • Quality risk management for your products (contamination, product mix, food products, etc.)
شركة نقل المواد المبردة في السعودية


Temperature controlled transport

What are the best transport solutions when it comes to securing the cold chain?

Your customers are becoming more and more demanding. They require increasingly efficient logistics and transport processes.
The extensive expertise of Platinum’s temperature-controlled transport teams ensures that our transport services meet your customers’ most exacting requirements.

Our expertise in Temperature controlled transport

  • Trained and responsible drivers, with start-of-the-art and efficient equipment.
  • On-time POS deliveries and optimization of delivery frequency and timing.
  • Organization of domestic and international temperature-controlled transport.
  • Real-time information management solutions, which enable the traceability of batches, including recalls, with delivery status and signatures displayed online (TMS).
  • Performance management and provision
    of personalized KPI.

 Our performance factors

  • The security of your goods is ensured with a reliable cold chain guaranteed by a specialist.
  • The satisfaction of your customers with on-time deliveries.
  • The ability to maintain the same level of management and service throughout Saudi Arabia.
  • New opportunities to organize and optimize your costs by sharing transport.

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