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Warehousing and stock management

Logistics Services

Warehousing and Stock Management

How can you optimize stock management while meeting the needs of increasingly demanding markets?


Regardless of the size of your company and the nature of your products and packaging, Platinum Shipping teams develop cutting-edge logistics plans – for both ambient and temperature-controlled logistics. Our facilities enable us to provide you with the resources you need to ensure maximum performance.


Our logistics expertise in warehousing and stock management

  • The expertise of a Saudi Arabia logistics leader with 10,000 m² ambient storage space in KSA and 3,000 m3 controlled temperature space
  • Strong sectorial expertise confirmed by the most stringent certifications and accreditations
  • Information systems management
  • Expertise in warehouse location and design
  • Information systems management
تجهيز و اعداد الطلبات في السعودية

Order preparation

Order preparation

Do you need to make accurate deliveries to your customers?

It’s all about quality of service and productivity. In order to achieve this double objective, Platinum Shipping logistics teams identify the most appropriate method for your needs. This involves looking at the smallest details and handling complex orders. Our expert teams really add value to your logistics operations. Our key priority is the satisfaction of your end customer.

Our logistics expertise: Order preparation

Our teams use the very best technologies to complete all order preparation processes:

  • Consolidated preparation for small products• Preparation using voice recognition• Cross-docking and splitting
All our solutions priorities quality of service and flawless performance

Our Logistics Services performance factors

  • Reliable order preparation• Accurate deliveries in accordance with orders• Respect for the safety of your ambient or controlled temperature products
تجهيز و تغليف السلع و المنتجات

Co-packing and co-manufacturing

Co-packing and co-manufacturing

Looking for a logistics expert for your value-added operations?

Do your products need added value logistics right until the final stage of your supply chain? Platinum Shipping teams use the right technical equipment to design and carry out co-packing and co-manufacturing operations specifically for you. As logistics experts, we are not only able to manage your stock requirements. We can also prepare your products for marketing.

With a single point of contact for all your logistics operations, you will benefit from an efficient and responsive service, which will also enable you to reduce your costs.

Our logistics expertise: co-packing and co-manufacturing

  • Straightforward assembly• Kitting (assembly of up to 6 different components, e.g. for the mobile telephony sector)• Co-packing (labeling, shrink wrapping, flow packs, cross folding, manual packaging, packsand kits):

    – Labeling (in Arabic and all languages)

    – Packaging (shrink wrapping, co-packing, boxing).

    • Products prepared according to the manufacturer’s “recipe” for agri-foods

    • Sampling and quality tests can be arranged at the depot

Our teams can create commercial and promotional offers by combining several of products for your promotional campaigns. These co-packing operations make use of mechanized processes, such as batch labeling and unitization, or our teams may be called upon to fill displays. Whether mechanized or manual, co-packing requires tight planning, management, and special care to be taken when handling products.

Our performance factors

  • Being able to meet the needs of different distribution routes
    • Optimizing your logistics costs without compromising quality of service for your customers
    • Ensuring that you are supplied with the right product, at the right place, at the right time
    • Boosting your sales by adding value to your products and making a difference for your end customers
التحكم في درجة الحرارة في عملية الشحن

Temperature controlled logistics

Temperature controlled logistics

Need reliable and efficient logistics in order to guarantee your cold chain?

As a manufacturer or a retailer, you want to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty, based on maximum product availability and full respect of the cold chain. As leading Saudi cold logistics experts, Platinum experts design tailor-made solutions in order to integrate your supply chain, reduce handling of your fresh or frozen products and optimize deliveries.

Our temperature-controlled logistics expertise

  • Goods transported from factory to warehouse – throughout Saudi Arabia
  • Preparation and management of stock under controlled temperature (-24°C)
  • Preparation of products for marketing.
  • Product traceability and management of guaranteed-date contracts
  • Transport organization and execution of deliveries
  • Performance management
  • HACCP procedures
  • Cutting-edge infrastructures, with automated systems aimed at optimizing the receipt and loading of products, as well as order preparation

Our performance factors

  • Rapid and accurate response to seasonal variations in demand
  • Optimizing your costs: reduced handling, transport, stock volumes (JIT management), investment and running costs
  • End consumer satisfaction: guaranteed product availability and greater variety
  • Traceability of products and deliveries: IOD and POD available in real time, information sharing via EDI, dedicated information systems
  • A single interface between you and all your frozen product suppliers
خدمة الشحن لشركات التجارة الاكترونية

E-commerce solutions

E-commerce solutions

Need a tailor-made and responsive logistics solution to support your on-line sales?

As an e-commerce business, your major challenge is to gain the loyalty of your customers by delivering flawless quality of service (prompt delivery, at the right place, and in the right state).

As recognized logistics experts throughout Saudi Arabia, Platinum has developed dedicated e-commerce logistics solutions for you. Whatever the size of your company, the complexity of your needs, your market and your customers’ expectations, we use all of our expertise and skills to help you succeed – from the placement and transmission of orders to distribution management.

 Our e-fulfillment expertise

  • A single partner who provides an outstanding service throughout your entire e-commerce supply chain:
  • IT solutions management ensures full traceability (customer interface, scheduling, invoicing, returns management [warehouse information systems])
  • The ability to optimize warehouses processes (sampling, sorting, packing, returns management)
  • Guaranteed delivery dates and times
  • High standard reverse logistics (returns management, packaging disposal).

Our performance factors

  • Efficiency: reliable and flexible processes and information systems, ability to manage variations in business activity on a weekly, monthly or annual basis, customer returns management, rapid response logistics
  • Flexibility: ability to support increased qualitative and quantitative demand by means of adaptable processes and ensure that resources develop in line with costs
  • Personalization: invoices and credit notes, communication/promotion/building loyalty, delivery
  • An outstanding service that aims to be flawless

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